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Date: 2017-08-14 14:57:16

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Hi every one. Today I am going to explain you the strategy, which is one of the bests and profitable. Till I set indicators I want to tell you that, Now you can contact me by means of my second channel. I will try on my best to help you.

MACD lines crossed to each other for longtime and open up and going down, at this time SMA red line crosses red candle. So, we bet put.
Remember to choose 5 second timeframe, but trade on 2 minutes, otherwise the method will not work.
It is a really good strategy, You just need to be well observed and do not hurry up.

This is another moment. SMA and SSMA coming down and MACD breaks down. So, we bet put.
Do not think that I bet on the same moments. As you see for the last bet it was different moment. Watch the video carefully. Even if one details is wrong, the method will not work.

As you see SMA and SSMA lines going up, also MACD opens upwards. It means, that we have to bet CALL.
Also I want to caution you, that lots of scammers write their emails in comments. They try to challenge you to give them money or your account, I mean they suggest to become your account managers. So, be careful! Do not trust them! Do not give them money! Some of them reply you on our behalf. Do not trust them, cause they will disappear with your money.

I use the same pairs. It is a good moment candles to go down. As you see the strategy really works. So, test it and write in comments how it works to you. Also do not forget forget to subscribe the cannel.

---> Download This Strategy For MT4 Here

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