ShootingCannon Binary Options Strategy Review

Hi Guys,


I was playing with this new strategy but i want to share with you my principal Strategy. I use it a lot lately and it gives me nice results - i experienced days with 80 to 90% ITM with 1 or 2 step martingale can give you 100% ITM. Will like to share the results and maybe can do and arrow or EA.


I use 2 difrents methods:


Method 1º:

PUT:   Nice Chart OB


Candle break top line bollinger band ( will receive a arrow and alert)


Wait for bullish candle thats break Support and resistence Green zones (only untested, Verified, pruven are valid avoid weak ones)


ATR indicator at bottom left 1.3 or higher you will receive an alarm.


VERY IMPORTANT: Enter inmediately when candle break and transgress green zones not only a touch. Dont wait the canndle do a pullback.



Method 2º;

If all conditions are meet enter 1minute exp. in next candle.


The strategy work in Mayor pairs and all time frames.



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